Megalo Box (Spring 2018)

Megalo Box

Megalo Box is a 50th anniversary reimagining of the Ashita no Joe manga series written by Asao Takamori. As an ultimately commemorative piece, the show is a nostalgia trip hearkening back to the style and presentation of late 1990’s anime. For some, this will be a big draw; others may find it too simple, and simply outdated.

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The Story of the Ore To Shore: What Happens When a Regular Nerd Tries to be an Athlete

Every summer, there’s a mountain bike event that begins in the rolling hills near the birthplace of iron ore mining in Michigan, and ends along the pristine shoreline of Lake Superior. The event is known as the Ore to Shore. The true race is the 48-mile long “Hard Rock” (77 km for the international readers).

I was not part of that race…. Still, I had a title to uphold. This is a story about one otaku’s effort to repeat a 1st-place age group finish in one of the shorter races.

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Competitive Badminton is Legit: First Impressions of Hanebado!

hanebado title

I’m a little late to the game here, but I had a couple other posts to get through first.

There are three big sports series airing this summer:

Free! Dive to the Future is the 3rd season of a series that follows a men’s swimming team.

Harkuana Receive focuses on two gal’s quest to win a beach volleyball tournament.

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