Brotherhood of the World Bloggers’ Award: Super Deluxe Edition




I did one of these a couple weeks ago following a nomination from Cactus Matt, but I’ve been renominated twice since then with some pretty interesting questions.

So here’s the new Super Deluxe Edition of Brotherhood of the World Bloggers’ Award Post. The original one is listed below the new questions. Get ready to learn a whooolleee lot about me.

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Anime Podcast S1 E11: Worlds Apart

We embark on our anime fitness journeys, and Pop Team Epics makes it to Cartoon Network’s late night line up. Then, we’ll talk Steins;Gate 0, and Megalo Box before Shawn shares another one of his bold predictions, this time for Darling in the FranXX (he’s been surprisingly accurate so far).

In the final segment, we consider which anime worlds we’d happily be a part of, and which ones we wouldn’t.

Week In Review starts around 6:37. Our discussion about which anime worlds we’d want/wouldn’t want to be a part of begins at 33:05.

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The Top 5 Special Moves/Abilities in Anime

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I strongly suggest doing so, as the articles are often complimentary to it, and vise versa. As promised, here is the written list of Derek’s “Best Special Moves/Abilities”.

Make sure you read each number in a cool countdown announcer-type voice as you progress through the rankings.

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