Podcast Special Feature: Q&A with a real Voice Actor (Ft. Brian Beacock)

You may know him better as Agumon (Digimon), Renzo Shima (Blue Exorcist), Ail (Sailor Moon R), Sakon and Ukon (Naruto video games), or even Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia. but Brian Beacock is his name. He came to town this past weekend for Superior Con—a small anime/video game/comic book convention that takes place at one of the local universities.

Superior Con

He spoke for close to an hour offering insight into the world of acting and voice over; it was a good presentation. I can share the whole thing if you all are interested, but here is a brief intro, and the Q&A session from the end of the presentation.

I have to clean up the Sound Cloud account, but the Anchor fm link is below.

Anime Podcast: Q&A with Brian Beacock

The Best Animated Series That Aren’t Anime

There are so, so many good shows out there, so many of which are animated. Most of us are here because we think anime is the best incarnation of it. Still, there are several other animated series that are not Japanese anime. Let’s take some time out here to count down some of the best of ‘em.

This list will consist of series that are intended for the adult or young adult demographic. There are plenty of “kids’ shows” that are great, but they’ll eventually get a list of their own.

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Anime Podcast S2 E3: The Best Animated Series That Aren’t Anime

It’s week three, baby. We’ve got Chio’s School Road, Steins;Gate 0, Overlord III, and in a crazy plot plot twist, we’ll be counting down the best animated series that ARE NOT anime.

All that and more right now on The Weeabros Anime Podcast!

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