Death Parade (Winter 2015)

Death Parade

Roughly two weeks ago, Shawn selected Death Parade as our joint “Vault of Series Past” venture. I was apparently living under a rock at the time it was released, because despite its top 50 MAL popularity, I didn’t know a damn thing aside from vaguely recalling that I’d heard of it. If I could pull a Steins;Gate, I’d go back in time and slap myself for not noticing this one sooner.

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Dagashi Kashi 1&2 (Winter 2016, 2018)

Dagashi Kashi­ blipped onto my radar this past winter after I happened upon a promotional image for the second season. I thought the character designs looked pretty interesting, so I decided to give the series a try. In doing so, I ended up learning more about Japanese snack culture than I ever thought possible.

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