4th of July Special: The Best Americans in Anime

In honor of American Independence Day, it’s time to count down the top five Americans in anime!

#5 Alexandra Garcia (Kuroko no Bassuke)


Tall, blonde, flirtatious, and athletic, Alexandra is a USDA prime cut of American beauty. She’s skilled in basketball (former WNBA player), and makes for a very knowledgeable coach. People say baseball is America’s past time, but that’s an outdated phrase; American football and basketball are both more popular nowadays. Oh! Also, Garcia is a fan of anime, and low-key kind of reminds of a pretty cool person I know IRL.

#4 Cal Devens (Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom)

Cal_devens_1cal 2

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…Unfortunate circumstances and lack of parental support turns a smart, inner-city kid into a criminal.

As if growing up in inner-city Los Angeles wasn’t inherently difficult enough, she was abused by her drunk, gambling addict of a father. She runs away and is taken in by Judy Devens. The two make the most of their lot in life until they accidentally stumble into some serious organized crime drama, and Judy ends up taking a bullet to the skull. This sets about a chain of events that ultimately turn Cal into a lethal, motorcycle-riding assassin. Her story is quite tragic, really BUT for what it’s worth, she is pretty badass.

#3 Susanna Hopkins (Genshiken)

Genshiken susanna.png

Susanna makes an appearance in the second season of Genshiken. I assume Sue is like many other Americans in Japan—she’s an anime nerd and her ability to speak Japanese is pretty much limited to quotes she learned/memorized. She can fluently recite these lines, but struggles to communicate with most of the characters in way other than English (I’m willing to bet at least 70% of Americans cannot hold a conversation in any other language…Myself included). This quirk in tandem with a fairly unpredictable nature, brings the comedic fireworks to a series that is overall extremely chill and slice-of-life-y

#2 America (Hetalia – Axis Powers)


Often seen with burger and soda pop in hand, Hetalia’s “America” is a comical and at least partly accurate manifestation of U.S. stereotypes.  He’s incredibly strong, and also incredibly oblivious to what others think or feel about a situation, often looking at himself as the center of the world. His self-imposed exceptionalism can be off-putting at first, but at his core he’s really an optimist with a strong belief in justice and freedom.

#1 Bandit Keith (Yu-gi-oh)


If there is one character that is more American than the personification of America itself, it is Bandit Keith. I’m pretty sure this former US Duel Monsters Champion bleeds red, white, and blue. He is never seen without his sick studded jacket and flag bandana. He owns a plethora of decks, but prefers to steam roll opponents with his industrialized machine-type cards. The dude’s favorite food is steak, and he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve victory—even if it means trampling others who get in his way. I don’t think there’s a more overtly American American in all of anime.

Oh, Also he packs heat. I hope he has a concealed-carry permit for that thing.


I’m sure there are many other outstanding ‘Muricans in anime. If I’m ignorant to any of ’em, lemme know in the comments section.


The Weeabros don’t own any of the images used in this post, bro. They belong to their respective creators, licensors, and distributors. Please support the official releases.



8 thoughts on “4th of July Special: The Best Americans in Anime

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    1. WeeaBroDerek

      I want to say I had a very similar moment with Kurisu from Steins Gate when i first tried to think of this list cuz I remembered her hailing from the American university.

      -side bar- Have you really not been following Weeabros this whole time? Why do I feel like we’ve been talking about so much stuff lately? How long have I even been following your site? Lol

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