The Top 5 Special Moves/Abilities in Anime

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I strongly suggest doing so, as the articles are often complimentary to it, and vise versa. As promised, here is the written list of Derek’s “Best Special Moves/Abilities”.

Make sure you read each number in a cool countdown announcer-type voice as you progress through the rankings.

5) Aqua’s God Blow/God Requiem (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!)

This striking attack directly taps into Aqua’s divine power. God Blow/God Requiem is fueled by the faith of Aqua’s followers. The strength derived from her small but fanatical cult of worshipers make this ability powerful enough to simultaneously destroy extremely dangerous creatures, and purify everything in the vicinity. Sora Amamiya also does a damn good job of driving home the intensity of the move. Her voice acting for Aqua is pretty good to begin with, but she takes it to another level in the fight against the giant slime at the end of season 2.


4) Kurumi’s “Special Bullet” Abilities (Date A Live)

Kurumi is arguably the most dangerous of all the spirits in the Date A universe; she can manipulate both time and shadows. Kick-ass flintlock weaponry allows her to channel the power of her inner angel, Zafkiel. She can screw with time itself in various ways whether that be something like seeing into the future, speeding up/slowing down present time, or even creating copies of herself. While each of these can technically be considered different “moves”, they all fall under the “Special Bullets” ability, which saps her of her own time (basically equating to life in her situation). Fortunately, she has another ability called the “City of Devouring Time” which allows her to leech time from others.


3) Saitama’s “Consecutive Normal Punches” attack (One Punch Man)

In his brief fight with the Beast King, Saitama dodges the quick and powerful “Lion Slash: Meteor Shower”, then counters with this gem.

“Consecutive Normal Punches” is Saitama’s finishing move-type answer to the Beast King’s ultimate finisher. There is literally nothing special about it other than that it is a series of normal punches, each of which are likely strong enough to end the Beast King on their own. The beauty of this attack is that it’s a parody of ultimate finishing moves in general. There is nothing flashy about it, yet it contains unfathomable destructive power.


2) Gohan and Goku’s Father-Son Kamehameha (Dragon Ball Z)

I hope we can all agree that the end of the Cell Saga was the pretty much the peak of the Dragon Ball Z series. Sure, there were some pretty cool moments along the way, but no enemy was as likeable as Frieza or Cell, and no attack as emotionally impactful as the “Father-Son Kamehameha”.

With this special attack, Gohan is able to overpower the Solar Kamehameha and defeat Super Perfect Cell. Like with many of the other entries on this list, the whole scene is pretty cool (with all the Z fighter’s chipping in and whatnot), and the emotional charge of seeing Gohan aided by the spirit of his father in a time of need is every bit as strong as the attack itself.



Her sword shines, a dream that all warrior scattered in battle past, present and future hold and exalt as their final moments approach. She carries their will as her pride. Now, the king sing aloud the name of the miracle she holds in her hands. Its name is

Saber’s “Excalibur” attack in the Fate franchise is awesome. So, Arturia Noble Phantasom, or legendary item that give her special abilities, is the legendary sword in the stone—Excalibur. There are actually two swords, I believe, because they came from different legends that were later merged into the same story. The sword actually broke once, but was re-forged to be even stronger. According to the Type-Moon wiki, there’s some debate over that, but I’m going to choose to believe it.

The Excalibur sword and Arturia’s legend are derived from the hopes and dreams of mankind itself. That’s why it’s strong enough to defeat basically anything its energy attack touches. The Excalibur attack is idealism in the purest and most powerful of forms, and that directly ties into Saber’s story of trying to be the best leader possible for her people.

Everything from the nature of the attack itself, to Ayako Kawasumi’s delivery of it makes this undoubtedly one of the best special abilities of all time.


Honorable Mentions:

These area a few really great moves that didn’t make make the cut because another move from the same series was better.

Kazuma’s “Steal” (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!)

This ability is both super practical, and super comical (given Kazuma’s high level of luck). In addition to girls’ panties, Kazuma has used this ability to take powerful weapons from opponents, and even the head of one the Demon King’s generals. “Steal” is one of the sneakiest, sleaziest, and actually helpful abilities I can imagine having.


Tien’s “Neo Tri-Beam” (Dragon Ball Z)

There’s something to be said for a move that can literally kill its own user. Tien’s “Tri-Beam” taps into his very own life energy, and is hence capable of hitting with more force than one of his typical energy attacks like the Dodon Ray. The trade-off for the enhanced power is, of course, that he can literally kill himself if he overdoes it. The double-edged sword, so to speak, is  easily one of the best moves in Dragon Ball Z.


Mumen Rider’s “Justice Crash” (OPM)

This was a hotly contested pick. Shawn didn’t agree with it all because the attack consists of Mumen Rider literally throwing his bike at his opponent, and that’s it. It’s extremely weak, much like Mumen Rider. That said, it was this very attack, along with Justice Tackle, that saved S-Class hero Genos in the fight against the Deep Sea King.

I’m just gonna post a gif of it for now because the whole scene itself will be making an appearance on another list sometime in the future.

There’s obviously a great deal of subjectivity in this list, as the scenes themselves can sometimes influence the greatness of the move, and the move can influence the greatness of the scene. I’m a little eager to see what everyone else thinks.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this list, as well as some of the moves you think are the best!


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