Anime you can bring home to your mother

I was just reminded that this upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day. It got me asking myself “what are some of the most wholesome, heartwarming anime you could bring home to your mom?”

At initial thought, I figure something Ghibli/Disney-esque like My Neighbor Totoro, might be a safe bet. There’s also a series called Sazae-san, which I’ve never seen any of, but it’s been running in Japan since 1969, and is closing in on 8,000 episodes or something like that. It is the current record holder for longest running anime in the world, and according to My Anime List, is equivalent in many ways to “The Partridge Family”. So that might be a nice pick as well. I’m also still going to keep pushing A Place Further Than the Universe on people because its the best series I’ve seen so far this year, and one of the best I’ve seen overall.

I’m curious, though…What do you guys think are some of the best anime to bring home to mom? Chances are this topic and its responses will become a brief segment on the podcast this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Anime you can bring home to your mother

  1. Hm…
    Since my mom likes Twilight and stuff like that… I’d equate that to being a bishie-lover in anime?
    So maybe Blood for her?
    Lol, my mother’s really nurturing, but it’s really not reflected at all in the movies she watches. Heartwarming doesn’t cut it in our family!
    (She also likes tragedies about family, so maybe Clannad?)

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    1. WeeaBroDerek

      Haha niceeee! I haven’t actually seen either of those, but I’m familiar enough. I like that everyone’s replies so far have defied the “pure and presentable” approach.


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