Wait…Does Space Battleship Tiramisu have a plot now?

Uchuu Senkan Tiramisù is a comedy that’s taken a bit of heat for its dumb style of humor and overall lack of any consistent storyline. The irony here, though, is that the show might also have been laughing at and insulting us this whole time.

The series consists of eight-minute episodes, usually broken into two skits a piece. They follow ace pilot Subaru, and his life aboard the space battleship Tiramisu. Each episode ranges from hilarious—like the Space Chihuahua one—to mildly giggle-inducing.

Space battle dog

The Tiramisu and crew, however, may have just thrown their mostly powerful punch line yet—a plot. Six episodes in, we find out that one of the characters we’ve seen from the very beginning isn’t who we think he is

Space battle ep 1 cody

and…well, maybe we’ve all been underestimating Space Battleship just a little bit.

space battle Cody

We’ve all pretty much come to assume that this series has very little aim or depth. That may still very well still be true, BUT the last couple of episodes have provided glimpses into our protagonist’s childhood. At a glance, these flashbacks occur to set up/justify certain jokes, but they also provide some actual insight into Subaru’s past, and why he acts the way he does.


The series is slated for 13 episodes. We’re about half way through now, and we somehow have an established character backstory, and new character introduction/relationship because of it. I don’t necessarily expect Space Battleship to become a cohesive story or anything from here on out, but this last episode was a very nice change of pace. I still think the show is worth checking out if you’re into farce-type humor. It airs every Tuesday (Monday here in the States night if you’re up late enough), and is available through VRV/Crunchyroll.

The Weeabros don’t own any of these images. They were obtained from the VRV/Crunchyroll stream, and belong to their respective studios, licensors, and distributors.


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