Valuable Life Skills Learned From Anime

Some of the family came from out of town to visit this past weekend. As a treat, I prepared for them a special dish for breakfast. Both my mom and sister were like “Wow, this is pretty good. Where’d you learn it?”

Imagine their surprise, and my subsequent delight when I told them “From anime, of course.”


See, the dish I serve up for breakfast was my own cheap, knock-off imitation of the apple risotto Yukihira makes late in the first season of Shokugeki no Soma.


I almost  literally ripped it from the episode itself, then added a couple twists of my own (mostly out of cheapness).

Risotto simmered in butter and apple juice plus apple bits, caramelized onion, bacon, and cinnamon/ banana for the sister, since she doesn’t eat pig.

Their acknowledgement of this was a great victory for me, as me mum has mentioned in the past that I could probably be doing other more productive things instead of watching anime.

This got me thinking, though… I’ll probs take this to the MAL forums, too, but we’ll start here. Has anyone else ever learned any valuable life skills and or lessons from anime? If so, what? I’m thinking I’ll turn this into a segment in one of the upcoming podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Valuable Life Skills Learned From Anime

  1. Making friends!
    Hah! Bet you didn’t see this one coming!
    (Sadly, not kidding!)
    I kinda figured out that no one likes talking to people who are smarter than them from anime. So I changed the way I talked, occasionally did things because they were dumb- and to my surprise, I made a few friends.
    I was such a pretentious middle school kid, that even I cringe at that.
    (TBH, I probably would’ve learned that as soon as I put my mind to it. I had to get over depression to find that motivation, first!)

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  2. I think I learned to not be afraid to be myself. In other words. I never really share outside the blog world how much I like anime. The more I watch the more I branch out and make posts or tell people in casual conversation that I’m an avid anime watcher. Then it is always fun to see their eyes light up and they are too! This doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I get looks like I’m a weirdo who just watched hentai, but in the end it has helped me less ashamed of telling people what I like. I’m happier for it :).

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