I had to stop mid-episode to write this

*Possible minor spoiler alert*
I’m currently in the midst of watching episode 15 of Darling in the FranXX, but something pretty serious caught my eye here, and I needed to stop everything to make mention of it.

female Pilot

Is this what I think it is? Is a female character actually piloting a FranXX here?

female pilot 2

If so, this could have some pretty interesting implications as it pertains to critiquing FranXX in a way that examines heteronormative sex/gender standards, which is something I’ve talked about with The AniMessenger once or twice and hope to discuss on the podcast at some point in the future.

Now, there’s a chance this is explained in the next 18-20 minutes of this episode (in which case I’m clearly jumping the gun), but I couldn’t un-see this after I saw it…

*Near immediate update*

Okay, so  it seems that whole unit operates like that.
Thoughts, anyone?


Images are screenshots obtain through vrv/crunchyroll

7 thoughts on “I had to stop mid-episode to write this

  1. This is another point no one seems to be discussing about the episode. Much like the mass death of squads and the ordered self-destruction of an entire city. We don’t get answers for these or satisfactory explanations, but the fan base are happy again because of the Hiro-Zero Two-Ichigo stuff.

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    1. WeeaBroDerek

      Yeah, but I’m willing to bet that we’re ever so slowly getting closer to learning more about their society and the nature of the klaxosaurs. They’ve been showing us glimpses for a while now. The second half of this season has been much better than the first half in both story and style.

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      1. The second half has been better, but they are still very light on giving us real explanations. Seems like they are going to make us wait until the end and that is screaming exposition dump to me.

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      2. WeeaBroDerek

        Oh almost certainly. I don’t view it as that big of an issue, though, cuz the story is being told primarily from the perspective of the kids, and they don’t really know much of anything to begin with. We’re kind of learning things as they do. I’m fine with that so long as we end up getting answers of some kind.


      3. That’s the big question. Will we get answers by the end. I’m kind of hoping yes, but there’s still a chance we’ll be left without really knowing.


  2. The picture was confusing me…
    So even without watching the episode, I clicked on your post. And what I have to say is- HYPE!
    Okay, only kind of.
    I am worried about the future of this series, but it’s been keeping my interest. Hopefully the answers are as entertaining as the questions I have while watching it.

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