I’m Having an Ideological Crisis of Sorts

Many of you at least glanced at my last post regarding how I review the series I watch. I’ve obviously been thinking critically about my methodology because I was explaining it. As great as I think the current system is, I feel I now must consider the possibility of separating Story/Character into two categories like what you’ll find on MyAnimeList.

I typically consider character development to be part of the overall story, but the trouble is that not all series necessarily set out to tell a very engaging story.  In the current method by asking myself two questions:
1) Do I find the characters inherently fun or interesting?

2) Do they develop in any way over the course of the narrative?

If the answer is yes to 1, I’ll boost the overall story score slightly. If yes to both, I’ll boost it more significantly. If the answer is “no” to either or both, it negatively modifies the story score. I’m not sure if this combined Story+Character modifier approach is really fair enough, though, when critiquing a series that deliberately chooses to focus on the characters themselves or various skits more than an actual storyline.

I know this is all arbitrary to begin with, but damn it! It’s a serious issue for me at the moment. I mean, most series don’t take that kind of approach, but that shouldn’t negatively affect the series that do. To change this system now, though, would mean that some of my previous ratings could possibly change as a result; I don’t really want to have to revisit each of them.

Ughhh, I guess I’ll keep the same system for the time being, but there is chance I’ll toy around with breaking up the Story/Character category in the future….maybe

Or, I dunno. I guess I could just chill the eff out for a minute. Yeahhh I guess this much ado about nothing. I’m just keep watching anime and talking about it. I mean, that’s why we’re all really here, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “I’m Having an Ideological Crisis of Sorts

  1. This is what happens when you treat reviewing like a formula~
    The thing is that characters and story are one and the same…
    Except for when they aren’t!
    It’s really brutal to codify this stuff… best of luck trying to!

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