The Method to My Seemingly Mad System of Review

The topic has come a couple of times now this week, so I figure I’ll take a moment here to explain how I come up with an overall verdict and rating for any given series. We’ll start with the scale.

1 – Outright Appalling

2 – Should Be Extremely Offensive to Anyone Who is a Fan of Anime

3 – Complete Waste of Time

4 – Bad

<——About here is where I consider having to be paid to ever watch a series again.

5 – Completely Meh – A series that receives a “5” is one that technically meets the minimum requirements to be considered a legitimate attempt, but that’s about it. Sometimes, this can be a Bad series that is so bad it’s ironically good.

6 – Passable <—— About here is where I consider most series to be at least halfway decent. It’s one I would never buy, but might still suggest to the right crowd.

7 – Good <—— If I rate a series”7″ or higher, it means I enjoyed it enough to consider buying a physical copy. On this scale, good actually means good.

8 – Very Good

<—— About here is where a “Great” series would fall.

9 – Fantastic

10 – Flawless Perfection

Each series reviewed is critiqued through lenses that examine: Story/Character Development, Animation, Music/Sound Design, and Enjoyment. The Overall Score is the average of the individual scores rounded to the nearest half step (.5) on the scale. For example, Pop Team Epic received an overall rating of 7.5.

Story/Character – 6.5

Art/Animation – 8

Sound – 7.5

Enjoyment – 8

6.5+8.5+7+8 = 30                304 = 7.5

There are some instances in which a series will average out to a number with a .25 or .75. At that point, I’ll either round up or down based on my mood at the time. The My Anime List ratings are usually rounded further because the MAL system doesn’t allow for half steps between numbers.

It should be noted that I have never officially rated a series that wasn’t hentai below a 5. I’ve also never given a series a 10. The Perfect 10 is an ideal to strive for; it’s a series that is undoubtedly outstanding in premise and execution, and has something in it that can appeal to everyone. Most series end up falling between 6 and 8 on the scale. Those jumps from 7 to 8, and from 8 to 9, though, is fairly significant. There are very many “Good” series, just as there are many series that are “Very Good”. However, significantly fewer are “Great”, and even less are truly “Superb/Fantastic”.

While the perceived quality of writing, artwork, and sound are all somewhat influenced by personal preference, we can more easily set those biases aside to objectively determine whether or not a series is well put together. The final factor of Enjoyment, though, is entirely based on personal taste and ultimately what matters most.

At the end of the day, anime is just a form of entertainment; whether or not a series is enjoyable depends entirely on the individual watching it. There will never be series that appeals to everyone, and there doesn’t have to be. We’re fortunate to have different kinds of series catering to different kinds of viewers.

In reality, there is no anime for everyone. However, I honestly believe that there IS an anime for just about anyone.

TLDR; Anything I rate above a 7 is pretty good. Anything that achieves a 9 – 9.5 is about as close to perfect as you’ll get from me.

Share your thoughts and feelings, fren

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