The Greatest Extra Who Hardly Ever Existed











The point of this post is to appreciate one of the gutsiest extremely minor characters ever to set foot on a fictional battlefield. I’m talking about Rebecca from Record of Grancrest War, of course. If you’re not familiar with the story, it’s not important right now; I’ll write a review that covers that when all is said and done. What IS important, though, is that you know there are plenty of characters in this series who could murder you four times before you knew what hit you.

 The show’s resident warriors are Sir Lassic and Aishela.








Aishela is especially badass because she uses a tree as a weapon in a skirmish at the end of “To the Homeland”. However, even her feat of badassery pales in comparison to Rebecca, who brings a FAQUING ladle!

Not a pitchfork, not even a cast iron pan, but A LADLE. That, folks, is how you make a statement.

Rebecca, I tip my hat to thee.


The Weebros don’t own any of the images used in this post, bro. I imagine they all belong to either Kadokawa and/or A-1 Pictures.

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Extra Who Hardly Ever Existed

  1. I’d have been more impressed if she’d actually done something with the ladle (you know, thrown it at the bad guy or hit him on the head or something). The ladle just kind of vanishes during the battle.

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