Go See Ready Player One

I have to wake up for work in like 4.5 hours, so I’m not going to review the entire movie. I will say this, though:

I was skeptical at first (as I usually am) but if you’re interested in movies or video games both past or present, you need to go see this movie. Well, unless you’re epileptic.

Just trust me on it. I’ll be awaiting your comments.



4 thoughts on “Go See Ready Player One

  1. Man, you got a nice looking site! (Not that I’ll see it unless I use my computer)
    Ready Player One was a pretty fun movie, wasn’t it? I feel kinda (as in really) iffy towards the characters and themes, but it was a good looking movie. I doubt I’d rewatch it by myself, but it’s definitely worth that first watch!
    (The Shining though!)

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    1. WeeaBroDerek

      I appreciate the feedback…Now if I could just afford a custom domain that doesn’t have 9 arbitrary digits in the url…

      Ready Play One was suuuuper fun. I’ll probably end up buying it when it comes out. That Shining sequence was gold. I agree with you on the characters; I felt the whole romance thing was pushed a little too quickly, but then again it is a society where people hardly seem to actually make physical contact with each other so w/e.

      My only other real critique for it was that certain scenes felt like too much of a visual assault on the senses. During the race in the beginning, for instance, I wasn’t quite sure of what exactly I should be looking at. Apparently it’s a bit of a health hazard, too. A friend of a friend, who is epileptic, went to see it and almost had a seizure in the theater.

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      1. Fair enough, I guess?
        Then again, the movie hardly demonstrates any sort of solitude in the physical world. They seem perfectly social tbh- they live on top of each other!
        The visual assault thing is probably true. Sometimes there was just TOO MUCH onscreen, and I’m like chill~


  2. WeeaBroDerek

    Okay, yeah. Maybe I mis-phrased that a bit. I was moreso trying to say that while they all live close to each other, there doesn’t seem to be a whole of intimacy in the physical realm.


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