Overlord II

I finished Overlord II on my lunch break at the office today because I was THAT excited to see the season finale. In fact, I’m actually writing this review at work right now. It wasn’t always this way, though. I was actually a little concerned after watching the first couple of episodes back in January. The series begins what we can assume isn’t too long after the end of the first season. Momonga and company are well on their way to understanding and taking control of the world around them. Hence, we find ourselves introduced to several more places, and several more characters.

Overlord II is primarily a world-building season. World-building in anime can be a tricky thing to pull off. Writers are tasked with expanding the scope of the fictional universe while still developing story lines that keep the audience engaged. This often comes at the cost of taking screen time away from established fan-favorite characters, and giving it to minor and/or completely new characters. While hesitant at first, I’m now convinced this was the proper approach to take. Overlord II does an excellent job introducing and developing minor characters. The story is written in such a way that by the season finale I found myself actually caring about many of the “extras” despite their overall weakness relative to the main cast. The ability to generate that kind of feeling is more than can be said for many of the other action/adventure series out there.

I imagine just about every series is animated via computer now, and aside from a couple of blatantly CGI and rather ugly scenes, Madhouse delivers the kind of quality you’d come to expect from a studio that’s been around since the 70’s. Madhouse has worked on both seasons of Overlord so far, which is pretty interesting considering that the studio has developed somewhat of a reputation for passing up second seasons. That tendency came to light last year when it was announced that the company would not be producing the second season of One Punch Man.

All in all, if you liked the first season, there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least give Overlord II a try. I mean, Madhouse did.

My Japanese reading comprehension is probably close to that of a common four-year-old, but according to this we can expect a third season of Overlord debuting in July.

Story/Characters: 7.5

Art/Animation: 7

Music/Sound: 7

Enjoyment: 8

Overall: 7.5/10

The Weeabros don’t own the image used in this review, bro.

2 thoughts on “Overlord II

    1. WeeaBroShawn

      You definitely should. It starts off kinda slow in the beginning and focuses on world building instead of Ains and his troupe. But it picks up towards the middle of the season and his a hard one to put down. It kept my attention better when they starting focusing more on Ains and company.

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